Cebong Lake in Sembungan Village, Dieng Plateau

Dieng Plateau is the pride of Banjarnegara District and it has been chosen as one of the most recommended tourist spots in Central Java. There is even a village, which is located on the highest landscape in Java Island. Surrounded by lush nature, the village also becomes the home of a famous lake called Cebong. The locals call it “Telaga Cebong”, which was an ancient crater with a measurement of 18 hectares. However, its size diminishes to 12 hectares now. In terms of name, it has the meaning of a tadpole. The reason is because the shape of the lake is similar to such creature, seen from above.

The Nuance
In the morning, the lake water looks shiny if it is seen along the way to Sikunir Mountain. Due to such unique appearance of the lake, lots of tourists are likely to take pictures of it. In the horizon, the view of Sikunir Mountain is quite visible with its majestic size and lush nature. Next, there are even several local houses residing by the lake. It is because the villagers take advantage of Cebong Lake as the main source of irrigation and water supply. Some of them are also seen fishing and enjoying soothing nuance by the lake.

Exploring Cebong Lake
The first thing to do is to approach the locals. Sembungan Village has a cold temperature, as it is the highest village in Java Island. Still, the locals look healthy and are able to bear such condition well. Many of them don’t even wear thick clothes! As for tourists, it is better to wear a jacket or and a scarf when exploring Sembungan and Cebong Lake. It is also recommended to eat or drink something warm before conduct trekking or an adventure.

Sightseeing and camping are two common tourist activities in Cebong Lake and Sembungan Village. There is even a camp site, on which tourists can use. The thing is people must carry their own equipment, including tents, sleeping bag, stoves, etc. Also, it is better to ask for permission from the locals before using the camp site. For those who don’t like camping, they can take advantage of nearby inns, hotels, or homestays for resting. In the next morning, the real adventure begins.

Another popular activity to do in Cebong Lake is photography. In this case, tourists need to reach the top of Sikunir Hill in order to have perfect views and objects for photography. Despite the tiring effort, the lake appears better from above! Even the air is more soothing and rejuvenating. The distance between the camp site and the hill is only 1 km, so it won’t take much time. Tourists don’t even need to hire a tour guide to reach the location.

Nearby Attractions

  • Sikunir Hill
  • Sikarim Waterfall
  • Sikunir Camp Ground
  • Menjer Lake

How to Get There
It is easy to reach Cebongan Lake. What travelers should do is to visit Sembungan Village, which is located in Kejajar Sub-district. From Wonosobo City, the trip takes about 1-2 hours depending on the traffic. The distance is 21.7 km and the fastest route is Dieng Raya Street.

Where to Stay

  • Cahaya Sikunir Homestay
  • Rodja Sembungan Homestay
  • Viza Homestay

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