Warna Lake in Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo District

Dieng Plateau has been recommended as one of the best tourist spots in Central Java, Indonesia. Featuring lots of nature attractions, it never ceases to amaze visitors especially nature lovers. As for the reference, there is a unique lake called Telaga Warna and it is located in Dieng Wetan Village. Also, it belongs to Kejajar Sub-district. Not only the site is famous for its pristine nuance, but it also has a specialty. The water color of the lake can alter, depending on times, the point of views, and weather. With such uniqueness, no one can turn their eyes away from the

The Nuance
Warna Lake is located on 2000 meters above sea level and it is surrounded by lush nature, including trees and mountains. Despite the fact, tourists can easily reach the site by either private car or public transportation service. Here is another interesting fact about the lake. It resides near to Pengilon Lake, which is also a famous tourist spot in Dieng Plateau. That means tourists are able to enjoy two different nature attractions within the same area! Both of the lakes offer distinct beauty and uniqueness, after all.

Exploring Warna Lake
Most of the people come to Warna Lake to see its phenomenon, which is the altering color of the lake water. At a certain time, it emits green color. At the other times, it turns into light blue or other colors such as white and rainbow. Tourists often wonder the causes of such phenomenon, but the locals would explain the reason to them. It is said the changes of lake water color is caused by light refraction of the sulfur deposits, residing at the bottom of the lake.

The best location to witness Warna Lake is from a higher land. In this case, tourists can climb Prau Mountain and enjoy nature views from there. These include the view of mountains, Pangilon Lake, and dense trees. Apart from that, it becomes an opportunity to enjoy hiking or trekking. Reaching the recommended spot for sightseeing in Prau Mountain requires some efforts, after all. This explains why visitors should wear proper footwear and carry bottled water when trekking. Another important tip is that tourists should hire a tour guide, as he can help explore the site and reach Prau Mountain easily.

Another recommended spot to witness the views of Warna Lake is in Batu Ratapan Angin. It also takes some efforts to reach the top of the hills, though. Have no worries. It is worth the effort. Later, tourists can even visit nearby tourist attractions and get more fun there. It is true Warna Lake resides near to Pengilon Lake, but each of them has different characteristics. Its neighbor, Pengilon, doesn’t contain sulfur. That means the water is crystal clear and it has become a significant water supply for farmers and nearby villages.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pengilon Lake
  • Batu Ratapan Angin
  • Wana Wisata Petak 9 Sidengkeng Hill
  • Dieng Plateau Theater
  • Prau Mountain

How to Get There
Despite the location, it is easy to reach Warna Lake. From Wonosobo City, travelers only need to go by either private or public car. The trip takes only several minutes. Once they reach Dieng Plateau and meet the T-junction, it is time to take left and reach Dieng Wetan Village.

Where to Stay

  • Arjuna 1 Hotel
  • Kledus Pass Hotel
  • Sentro Hotel
  • Surya Yudha Hotel

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