Swiwi Lake in Karangtengah Village, Dieng Plateau Area

Dieng Plateau never fails to amuse visitors, providing lots of tourist attractions for everyone. These include mountains, waterfalls, temples, hot springs, and much more! Some tourists are also interested in visiting Dieng in order to see its lakes, actually. There is one in Karangtengah Village named Swiwi Lake. The location is near to other nature attractions like Bitingan Hotspring and Sileri Crater so it is easy to reach. On top of that, it resides in the roadside so it is quite visible. Not to mention many types of activities can be done there including fishing, sightseeing, and relaxation.

The Nuance
Swiwi Lake is well-managed by the villagers, so it provides a comfortable nuance and friendly atmosphere. The locals have built some gazebos for tourists to relax. There are also some fun facilities like duck boats, on which people can ride and use to explore the lake. In the horizon, the lush views of nature lie before everyone eyes, stunning everyone. Toilets and a parking area are also available! With such kind of facilities, Swiwi has been included in top vacation destinations in Dieng Plateau and surrounding – being one of the best lakes in that region.

Exploring Swiwi Lake
What can tourists do in the lake? Well, the most recommended activity is fishing. They can either bring their own fishing equipment or rent them on the site. All spots in Swiwi Lake are good for fishing, in fact. This explains why the site is always crowded by local visitors. In some occasions, in fact, several foreigners also come to the lake for fishing. The management even provides fishing equipment like baits and fishing rods to visitors with a cheap price.

Apart from fishing, Swiwi Lake is also famous among families with kids. These people come to the lake to do a family vacation, enjoying a fun activity like duck boat riding. With a cheap price, they are able to get around the lake riding such cute boat! Some of them also visit the lake to enjoy its comfortable nuance, sitting in the gazebo while eating snacks or drinking water. A picnic in the lake is a good idea, after all. Thus, no one should forget to carry foods or snacks when visiting Swiwi. As an alternative, they can buy those foods from nearby eateries since many food vendors or canteens are available in the location.

What’s next? It is related to the rules. For those who visit Swiwi Lake, they must pay attention to the environment. That means littering is highly prohibited as it can ruin the beauty of the lake and its surrounding. Next, a family with kids should take care of the children well. The thing is the lake is a bit deep so it can be dangerous for kids, especially those who can’t swim.

Nearby Attractions

  • Sirawe Waterfall
  • Sileri Crater
  • Bitingan Hotspring

How to Get There
For those coming from Wonosobo City, they can take a minibus or rent a car and head to Banjarnegara District. The trip takes about 1-2 hours and the distance is 30 km. For the fastest trip, they can take Dieng Raya Street.

Where to Stay

  • Bunga Homestay
  • Puspa Indah Homestay
  • Gunung Mas Hotel
  • Budjono Hotel

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