Tieng Viewing Post in Kejajar Sub-District, Wonosobo

For those who look for a perfect spot to witness the beauty of Dieng Plateau, there is a recommended choice. The name is Tieng Viewing Post, which is located in Raya Dieng Street. As the name suggests, it is the site where tourists can witness majestic nature views like mountains, local potato farms, and sunrise! That means it becomes an alternative for sightseeing apart from Sikunir Hill and Ratapan Angin. The post resides on 1789 meters above the sea level and belongs to Tieng Village. Such strategic place also makes it more popular among locals and outsiders.

The Nuance
The best time to visit Tieng Viewing Post is at dawn or before sunrise. It is true the atmosphere is quite cold at that time, but it provides rewarding scenery. Due to such chilly nuance, it is better to wear a comfortable jacket or similar attire. Also, visitors must come in a good health condition because a trip to the viewing post requires a small trekking as well. Have no worries. Along the way to the site, lush trees and mesmerizing views of mountains are available to enjoy!

Exploring Tieng Viewing Post
It is, without a doubt, the best reason to visit the post is to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. Another interesting east view is a formation of hills with its blue color, surrounded by thin haze. Below, a view of the nearby village with its local houses is quite visible. When it comes to the south view, it is the majestic scenery of Sindoro Mountain with its pristine sky background. Featuring those breathtaking scenes, it is likely everyone wants to spend hours in the location. Even the air feels quite refreshing.

The next attraction is the local activity. Once the sun rises, villagers start heading to their farms, wearing thick clothes. They even carry some foods for eating at noon. Their expression is quite happy despite the jobs they are going to do. Somehow, their activity becomes tourists’ object for photography. This kind of view is visible in the west view of Tieng Viewing Post. Apart from the farmers, tourists can also see lush plants from above. Not to mention footpaths are seen clearly from the post!

Apart from being a spot for sightseeing, the locals take advantage of Tieng Viewing Post to greet important guests who come to either Banjarnegara or Wonosobo. The purpose is to give a good impression to those people. For tourists, the post should be in the list of prime vacation destinations in Dieng Plateau, as well. It is something they must not overlook, after all.

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How to Get There
Tieng Viewing Post belongs to Kejajar Sub-district. From Wonosobo City, the distance is 19 km. That means the trip may take roughly 45 minutes. As the tourist spot resides in Raya Dieng Street, it is easy to spot. There is no need to hire a tour guide because the route is considered easy and comfortable.

Where to Stay

  • Budjono Hotel
  •  Arjuna 2 Hotel
  • Puspa Indah Hotel
  • Gunung Mas Hotel

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