Sikopel Waterfall in Babadan Village, Banjarnegara

For those coming to Dieng Plateau, they must never miss a beautiful waterfall (curug) called Sikopel. The location is in Babadan Village and it belongs to Banjarnegara District. To be exact, the location is about 8 km from Pagentan Sub-District office so it is quite reachable. People who come to the area are likely to enjoy its nature and learn a bit about its myth. They also want to get in the pond and enjoy its refreshing water – the most popular tourist activity in Sikopel. It takes some money, though, but it is worth the expense.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Sikopel Waterfall is surrounded by a rocky cliff and several small plants. The height of the falls is about 70 meters and the pond has the depth of 10 meters. The atmosphere is quite cool there so it is suitable for relaxation. Not to mention the water, which comes from Sileri Crater, feels so refreshing. All the way to the site, tourists would be lucky if they meet a group of wild monkeys. Apart from that, there is a rumor that the waterfall becomes the home of sacred white mice.

Exploring Sikopel Waterfall
The presence of Sikopel Waterfall increases the popularity of Dieng Plateau and Banjarnegara District among the tourists. This is because people are likely to enjoy nature attractions and find someplace to relax. On top of that, some of them are concerned with the local myth related to the falls (the sacred white mice). The locals say that creature lives behind the waterfall, but no one has provided their testimony yet. Despite the fact, tourists keep coming to Sikopel with an expectation that they are able to witness it.

Some tourist guides may provide information regarding the history of Sikopel Waterfall, actually. It is said there was once a regent named Kolopaking. He meditated inside the cave behind the waterfall and found a scared horse bridle (kopel). Thus, the locals call the falls with such name since then. Apart from both history and myth, people come to the falls for its beauty. Thanks to the presence of lush nature and majestic rocks that scatter all over the location. They become perfect objects for photography, as well.

The next popular thing to do in Sikopel Waterfall is to swim in the nature pond. It feels refreshing as the water comes from the highland and it helps tourists to eradicate stresses at once. Moreover, the locals consider the water sacred and blissful. They say it can help them to retain youth and wellness. No wonder, some of them often come to the site bringing a water jar and bring back some water. Even tourists are allowed to do the same thing.

Nearby Attractions

  • Menjer Lake
  • Sikunir Camp Ground
  • Wonosobo Square
  • Sikunir Hill

How to Get There
The distance between Wonosobo City and Babadan Village is 44.5 km. That means travelers need to take about 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Sikopel Waterfall. To be exact, the falls reside about 8 km which is near to Pagetan Sub-District office.

Where to Stay

  • Besan Homestay
  • Gunung Mas Homestay
  • Kresna Hotel

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