Wadas Lake (Reservoir) in Wadaslintang Sub-District, Wonosobo District

After enjoying stunning landscape of Dieng Plateau, the next recommended tourist activity is to visit a beautiful lake in Wonosobo District. The location is in Wadaslintang Sub-District and it is called Waduk (Lake) Wadas. The site offers majestic nature view, unique irrigation system, and fish cultivation boxes called “Keramba”. Not to mention the lake belongs to two regions, which are Kebumen and Wonosobo. No wonder, it is also included in the tourist spots list of Dieng Plateau. That means travelers should never overlook the beauty of the lake, including its potential as a place to enjoy water sports.

The Nuance
In the past, the government decided to remove several villages in order to build such grandiose lake. They even built a dam to stem the flows of Bedegolan River in order to create Wadas Lake. It was done in 1988 and the architects even predicted it could last for more than 200 years. With the height of 116 meters, a length of 650 meters, and width of 10 meters, the dam is able to support the lake for a long time! The size of the lake is indeed big (2626 hectares) and it is surrounded by lush beautiful nature like trees and grasses. The nuance is excellent and the air atmosphere is definitely refreshing. People can simply sit and relax near to the lake while sightseeing.

Exploring Wadas Lake
Before being noticed by tourists, Wadas Lake only has one function which is to supply water for farming. The local farmers depend on the lake to water their farms, after all. Not to mention the local government takes advantage of its potential to generate electricity using hydroelectric power plant. That means the lake has a significant role to the villagers and the government. Today, in fact, it also attracts tourists from both nearby villages and outsiders! These people come to the lake to enjoy fishing, water sport, and relaxation.

Having a significant tourism potential, Wadas Lake increases Wadaslintang Sub-District’s popularity over time. It also attracts people who have passion for fishing! These people enjoy the moment when catching fishes while enjoying the views of Sumbing and Sindoro Mountain in the horizon. As for the tip, it is the best to come to the lake either in the morning or afternoon, when the sun looks more beautiful among those mountains.

Another fun activity is water sport. Thanks to the management. They provide a featured facility called the dragon boat! Tourists are allowed to ride it and get around the lake in a comfortable and safe manner. Apart from it, there are also several rowboats and speedboats. The rent fee isn’t expensive either, as long as tourists don’t come during holidays or high season.

Nearby Attractions

  • Lubang Sewu
  • Wadas Lake
  • Wage Market
  • Cindai Mas Camp Site

How to Get There
Wadas Lake shares the same location to Lubang Sewu. For those coming from Kebumen, they can take a bike taxi through Kewedusan. The trip may take about 30 minutes, featuring a challenging route and stunning nature views. Once they reach Wadaslintang Sub-District, their last destination is Erorejo Village, where the lake resides.

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  • Matahari Hotel

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