Menjer Lake in Maron Village, Wonosobo District

Just because it is located in a secluded area, doesn’t mean Menjer Lake is forgotten. On the other hand, the lake becomes more popular over time. This stunning tourist spot resides in Maron Village and it belongs to Garung Sub-district. It also becomes a recommended vacation destination for those who visit Dieng Plateau! Apart from its unique beauty, the lake is also famous for its historical value. It was in 1905 when a Dutch person documented that tourist spot. In fact, those valuable pictures are kept well in Netherland. No wonder, both the locals and foreigners are interested in visiting the lake.

The Nuance
Having a measurement of 70 hectares and the depth of 60 meters, Menjer Lake offers flawless beauty with its fresh water and stunning landscape. The atmosphere is quite refreshing, as it is lotaced in 1300 meters above the sea level. It also resides by Sikudi Mountain! No wonder, tourists can enjoy the views of such majestic mountain from the site. As if, the lake is protected by such natural fortress. This explains why people consider the location a bit desolated. Despite the fact, it offers a peaceful and comfortable nuance to them.

Exploring Menjer Lake
So, here is the question. What can people do in Menjer Lake? Thanks to fresh air and unspoiled nature. Visitors are able to enjoy a peaceful nuance with its calming atmosphere. That means most of the tourists come to the site for relaxation. They want to retreat to a secluded and to calm their mind. Despite its desolated location, the lake features ample facilities like a small mosque, toilets, and a spacious parking lot. Even small eateries are available, so tourists can enjoy snacks and local foods there. With all those facilities, it is likely tourists might spend more than a day in Menjer.

The next activity is outbound. The fact is Menjer Lake resides near to local tea plantation, on which travelers can explore. The size of the plantation is quite big either, so it would be an interesting adventure for everyone. In terms of nuance, the site is similar to that of Puncak (West Java). A stunning background like Sindoro Mountain and the mesmerizing sky would leave everyone speechless! Not to mention they are surrounded by lush green tea plants.

After spending some time in the tea plantation, the next recommended activity is a boat riding. That’s true. Tourists have an opportunity to get around Menjer Lake by boat. They can even go fishing from the boat! They only need to pay some money to rent a local boat and some fishing equipment. Have no worries. The locals provide them all. Above all, there are numerous sizes of fishes living in the lake.

Nearby Attractions

  • Sikudi Mountain
  • Sindoro Mountain
  • Seroja Valley
  • Tambi Tourist Spot

How to Get There
The distance between Wonosobo City and Garung Sub-district is 12 km. That means travelers may spend about 30 minutes to reach the destination. Once they get to Garung, the next destination is Maron Village, where the lake resides.

Where to Stay

  • Kresna Hotel
  • Cra Hotel and Resto
  • Nirwana Hotel

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