Sikidang Crater in Dieng Kulon Village, Banjarnegara District

Dieng Plateau was formed due to a volcanic explosion. Instead of leaving ruins, such natural disaster created an amusing tourist area. These include lakes, hot springs, mountains, etc. Even there is Sikidang Crater in Dieng Kulon Village. Such unique site belongs to Batur District and it is known amongst passionate travelers. Sikidang derives from “Kidang” (deer). Why is the name? It is because the main crater keeps moving from place to place, just like a deer. Apart from such uniqueness, tourists are also interested in its legend! Both tour guides and the locals are likely to tell the story to all people who visit the crater, in fact.

The Nuance
Once tourists arrive at the site, they may see several big holes or craters, emitting smokes. According to the locals, those were main craters of the site. Yet, the recent main craters are located a bit far from the site. It even takes a small trekking to reach it, as the distance is 1 km. In the main crater, visitors are allowed to get closer to it. Though, the fences keep them away from the dangerous parts of the crater. Also, the site features a majestic view of mountains and lush plants, so it provides a soothing atmosphere for visitors.

Exploring Sikidang Crater
It is true tourists can explore Sikidang Crater to their heart content, but they must not be careless. Just like other craters, Sikidang contains high sulfur. Even the smokes contain such dangerous chemical element. People who are exposed to such gas in an excessive amount are likely to pass out or even die! Due to this reason, it is better not to get too close to the crater. At least, visitors should stay in the back of the fences. Wearing a mask is also recommended. Have no worries. Some locals sell such item near to the site, so everyone can get one.

One of the advantages of visiting Sikidang Crater is the location. The crater resides in a highland with a flat landscape. That means visitors can observe and witness the crater clearly. On the other hand, regular craters are mostly located on the top of a mountain, which are difficult to reach. The next benefit is the number of craters, which are many. Not only there is the main crater, but travelers can also observe the small ones, scattered on the site.

What’s next? Apart from sightseeing, tourists are able to learn the legend of Sikidang Crater. There was an angel-like lady named Shinta Dewi. Many men tried hard to win her heart, but no one succeeded. Even a powerful prince called Kidang Garungan failed to fulfill her desire in creating a giant well. This story remains until now because locals and tour guides keep telling it to tourists. Well, it is one of the attractions of the crater, after all.

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How to Get There
Sikidang Crater is located in Dieng Kulon Village. First, travelers need to reach Batur Sub-district either from Banjarnegara or Wonosobo. Once they reach the village, they can directly head to the crater by foot (trekking).

Where to Stay

  • Arjuna 2 Hotel
  • Budjono Hotel
  • Puspa Indah Hotel
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