Dieng Savanna in Semurup Valley, Dieng Plateau

An adventure in Dieng Plateau is both fun and challenging. Not only it features stunning highland scenery, but it also offers great spots for hiking. As for the example, there is Dieng Savanna, which resides near to Semurup Valley. The location is the foot of Pangonan Mountain and it offers peaceful nuance to visitors. That means the savanna can be a vacation destination to eradicate stresses and get away from busy routines. Surrounded by yellowish green bushes and grasses, the site looks exotic and comfortable. The name Semurup derives from “Summer Up”, actually. It is because the color of the grasses changes into yellowish during summer. Not to mention the temperature becomes terribly hot at such season.

The Nuance
The rumor has it Dieng Savanna was formed due to a volcanic explosion of Dieng Mountains. The dead craters are covered by grasses and bushes and they become an interesting vacation spot these days. The color of the plants and grasses would return into green during the rainy season. This means visitors have two options of landscapes to explore, depending on the season. Here is another interesting thing. Apart from the savanna, the site is also popular for its fountain, on which tourists can visit especially at noon when the temperature is high. The fresh water feels so great on the skin, indeed.

Exploring Dieng Savanna
Tourists can do many things in Dieng Savanna, including sightseeing and hiking. From the location, visitors can see numerous views, especially Mardada Lake. They can even explore an ancient site, which is located near to Pangona Mountain. Not to mention the view of lush cemeti trees are visible from there, including swamps and weed grasses. All of them become a nice background for photography, too! With all of those features, people can see almost everything from the savanna. Thus, no one should overlook the site when visiting Dieng Plateau.

The next reason to visit Dieng Savanna is the hiking opportunity. The fact is people should conduct a small trekking in order to reach the location. Moreover, several routes are available, depending on the difficulty. The most popular hiking spot is located in Karangsari Village, though. It is considered the most comfortable one, so beginners can enjoy the activity. Above all, it is also the shortest one because tourists only need to spend 20 minutes of trekking to reach the savanna. For those who love challenges, they can choose other spots like Sikidang Crater, Merdada Lake, and Kailasa Museum.

Another fun activity to do in Dieng Savanna is camping. In this case, tourists only need to choose the best spot to build their tent. There is even an extreme spot like the edge of Pangonan Mountain. Despite its risk, such spot offers the best views of sunrise and sunset. Somehow, such spot is perfect for taking pictures and sightseeing.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kailasa Museum
  • Sikidang Crater
  • Pangonan Mountain

How to Get There
Dieng Savanna is situated near to Karangsari Village, Dieng Kulon. The best checkpoint is Banjarnegara City and travelers can take a local transportation service to Dieng Kulon Village. From there, they can choose the spot for trekking to the savanna, which is the best one is through Karangsari. Kailasa Museum trekking spot is a good alternative, though.

Where to Stay

  • King’s Dieng Inn
  • Arjuna 2 Homestay
  • Budjono Hotel
  • Gunung Mas Hotel
  • Puspa Indah Homestay

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