Dieng Temple Complex in Batur Sub-District, Central Java

Dieng Plateau is recognized for its highland and beautiful scenery. It is located near to Wonosobo District and offers lots of nature attractions such as lakes, savannas, hills, etc. Moreover, it has a temple complex consisting of several unique temples and all of them are open for public. These include Arjuna, Srikandi, Sembadra, Puntadewa, Semar, Gatutkaca, Bima, and Dwarawati Temple. All of them look majestic and beautiful! The fact is their name derives from Baratayudha Epic and it represents Hindu culture. Due to its popularity, the complex has been visited by lots of tourists as the time goes by. Above all, there is an annual traditional ceremony called DCF or Dieng Culture Festival.

The Nuance
Dieng Temple Complex is situated in a wide land, which has a measurement of 1 hectare. The locals say those temples were made in different eras. For example, there is Arjuna Temple, which is considered the oldest, featuring Indian architecture style. There is also the youngest one called Sembadra Temple, which has been influenced by local culture and design. Still, all of them have similar features like penil, makara, jalatmara, istadewata, and antefik. In terms of size, most of the temples have a height of 4 meters.

Exploring Dieng Temple Complex
Despite the small size, those temples look majestic. People often come to the complex to do photography and sightseeing, in fact. They are amazed by the fact that those temples reside on Dieng Plateau, which is considered unique. All of the structures were made to worship God Shiva – the Hinduist’s Deity. Usually, tourists pose in front of the complex and take some pictures there. Some of them even take advantage of those temples as a background of their pre-wedding photos.

Apart from photography, Dieng Temple Complex becomes a suitable vacation destination for those who love hiking. It is because tourists should pass through a lush trekking route in order to reach the site. Not to mention they might see lots of pine trees along the way to the complex. Just because it features beautiful landscape, doesn’t mean it offers a perfect route to tourists. The thing is the path is slippery most of the time. It is caused by damp environment and high rainfall. Therefore, visitors must consider wearing better footwear and carrying an umbrella before hiking.

Another important tip is related to a tour guide service, which is considered important. Hiring a local guide helps tourists to explore the complex and reach the location in an efficient manner, after all. The service is affordable either. It is better than wandering alone and have a possibility of getting lost in Dieng, so the service is worth the money.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Dieng Plateau Theater

How to Get There
Dieng Temple Complex resides in Dieng Kulon Village and it belongs to Batur Sub-district. From Banjarnegara City, tourists can take a minibus or taxi to reach the destination. The best route is Karangkobar Street and the distance is about 57 km. That means the trip may take roughly 2 hours.

Where to Stay

  • Arjuna 2 Homestay
  • King’s Dieng Inn
  • Budjono Hotel
  • Puspa Indah Homestay
  • Gunung Mas Hotel

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