Sileri Crater in Kepakisan Village, Batur Sub-District

Featuring several majestic craters, Dieng Plateau would amaze everyone. One of the best craters is called Sileri, which is located in Kepakisan Village. This dazzling nature attraction belongs to Batur Sub-district and its name has the meaning of Leri (rice water). Even though it is not as famous as Sikidang Crater, but Sileri shares its beauty and gorgeousness. Thanks to its nice landscape. People often come to the location to enjoy photography and sightseeing. The crater is even observable either from a close or far distance and it is easy to reach. Above all, it is located near to other famous tourist spots in Dieng.

The Nuance
The size of the crater is bigger than that of Sikidang. Despite the fact, it has the same beauty as others. Near to the site, visitors can find a parking area with an ample space. From there, they need to walk on the path about 30 minutes to reach the crater. The thing is the route features several difficult landscapes like bushes and lean route. Knowing the fact, tourists must watch their steps and walk carefully when reaching the crater. Wearing comfortable footwear is a must! The perk is that they can witness beautiful farms and mountains in the horizon, all the way to the crater.

Exploring Sileri Crater
Once tourists arrive at the site, they may see an amazing scene of smokes and boiling sulfur mud. The best thing is it doesn’t emit strong sulfuric scent unlike its sibling – Sikidang Crater. The reason is Sileri is not quite active now, as compared to Sikidang. Another amazing fact is that many people consider it bigger and more beautiful than others! It even keeps attracting visitors from various regions, especially those who live in Kepakisan Village. Not only it is visited by the locals, it is also popular among outsiders and foreigners!

Trekking is a bonus for those who visit Sileri Crater because visitors must pass through several landscapes in order to reach the site. The start point is indeed Kepakisan Village. From there, they can start trekking along the way to the crater. It is not even tiring at all as the atmosphere is refreshing. At the site, visitors are allowed to get near to the edge of Sileri Crater using provided stairs. The thing is they must not go over the fences!

Apart from sightseeing, tourists are allowed to relax at the nearby gazebo. All thanks to the local government constructed such comfortable rest area for the sake of the tourists. Featuring hilly backgrounds and refreshing air, that gazebo becomes the best spot to take pictures and enjoy nature scenery! Of course, everyone should not forget to carry a camera. Another important item to carry is a mask, as the smoke can be irritating sometimes.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bitingan Hotspring
  • Merdada Lake
  • Sikidang Crater
  • Arjuna Temple

How to Get There
From Wonosobo City, travelers must directly head to Batur Sub-district and reach Kepakisan Village afterward. The best route to take is Dieng Raya Street, having the distance of 29.6 km. The trip takes about 1-2 hours and several minutes of trekking.

Where to Stay

  • Puspa Indah Homestay
  • Gunung Mas Hotel
  • Larasati Hotel

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